Now available in limited Edition Gold Tee.


Australian Owned, Printed and Deisgned!

100% cotton DTG print for a softer and longer lasting print.


*Colours may vary slightly on printing to photographed image.

Gnarly Tee Youth

  • Measurements are best done on an existing T-shirt lying on a flat surface to get a rough idea on size differences. Use the table and guide below to work out your best fit!

    (W) is 1/2 chest measurments done close under the arms from armpit to arm pit.

    (L) is measured from the highest point of the shoulder to the bottom of the T-shirt.

    Size 2 (W) 35 - (L) 45
    Size 4 (W) 37 - (L) 48
    Size 6 (W) 39 - (L) 51
    Size 8 (W) 41 - (L) 54
    Size 10 (W) 43 - (L) 57
    Size 12 (W) 45 - (L)60 
    Size 14 (W) 47 - (L) 63
    Size 16 (W) 47 - (L) 67

    Not all manufacturers make their clothes to the same specifications! Always check the size chart before you buy.